20 Emotional Stages Of Shopping On A Saturday

Alright, let’s just admit it. Even though we all LOVE to say one of our favorite hobbies is shopping, it’s actually kind of the worst. Sure, you get to try on new and shiny outfits and browse your favorite store’s new collection, but there are SO many struggles to put up with along the way. And we still say this whole shopping thing is fun? SIGH.

And, what’s the cherry on top? Going to the mall… on a Saturday. Bad idea, my friend. BAD. IDEA. You think it’s a good idea to check out a few stores on your day off from work, but guess what? Everyone else is thinking the same thing, too. Naturally, what was once a two-story building meant for 40 percent off sales and giant pizza slices turns into a battlefield. Have fun with that.

Even though we all tell ourselves that we’ll only go to the mall when it’s not crowded, we still decide to fight the crowds. After all, us Americans have literally made a holiday out of shopping when it's guaranteed to be miserable: Black Friday.

Below, all the emotional stages of venturing out to the mall on a Saturday afternoon. Is it actually worth it? We'll see.

1. You Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

It’s the weekend! You got to sleep in and are feeling GOOD.

2. You have SO Much Excitement

Yes! Shopping! You’ll get new clothes and shoes and can actually delay your laundry for another week.

3. Crowded Parking Lot? No Biggie

Alright, so it might be busy out here, but the mall can’t be crowded… right?

4. Wrong

Oh no. No. No. NO. So many people. You thought everyone would be spending the day outside in the pretty fall weather. Why?

5. And You're Hit By A Reality Check

You see a mom pushing her three kids in one of those ladybug mall strollers and realize that will soon be you. HA. Straight up denial.

6. Then You Head To The First Store…

AND everyone is everywhere. Um, excuse me. How are you supposed to search through that pile of jeans when there are ten people crowded around that table? Do you ask them to move? Is it worth it?

7. You’re Willing To Do Anything For A Good Deal

Because you WILL get those 30 percent off pumps.

8. But Maybe Not Wait In That Dressing Room Line

But, you wait 30 minutes to try on nine things that you probably won’t buy.

9. Cool, the Registers Mean Another Long Line

Well, you might as well get that one skirt. And there’s another line. Swell.

10. But Most Of The Stores Probably Aren’t THAT Bad

Yeah, Forever 21 was rough, but it can’t be like that everywhere.

11. Except They Are


12. And That Kid Won’t Stop Screaming

Seriously, is this child following me??

13. But You Go In

And we’re back in the trenches.

14. After Five Minutes, You Ask Yourself A Very Important Question

Do you really want to deal with this crowd today?

15. The Answer Is No

Nope. Nope. The white flag has flown. You win, mall. You win.

16. So You Obviously Have To Treat Yourself To At The Food Court

Because it’s the only way to deal with the crowded mall.

17. And Then You Get To The Parking Lot…

Oh, but wait. You’re not done yet. You get the joy of looking over your shoulder as another car sits behind you in hopes of taking your parking spot. How nice.

18. You’ve Made It Home Alive And Pour Yourself A Glass Of Wine

Breathe, Tess. Breathe.

19. You Tell Yourself That You’re Never Doing That Again

You’re so over this lifestyle.

20. But, You’ll Be Back Next Saturday

Because no matter how big of a struggle shopping may be, we still list it as one of our hobbies.

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