Joan Jett's Rock 'N' Roll Hot Topic Line Is Here

I've never been a Hot Topic girl, except for that one time when I was 13 and I bought dusty pink Etnies because I thought owning skater shoes would make me cool (plus Avril Lavigne was super popular at the time.) But I may make an exception for a couple of pieces in Joan Jett's new capsule collection for the punk-style retailer. The rocker teamed up with Daang and Ray Goodman, the edgy designers behind Tripp NYC, to capture her essence for the 8-piece line.

The collection mimics Jett's style, but describing the things she wears doesn't come easy to her. “It’s tough to put words to your own self," Jett tells WWD. "It sounds kind of cliché to say, but minimalist, rock ’n’ roll, edgy and dark ... they all apply to my style." That's where the Goodman brothers came in and translated her style into clothing for the masses. The pieces, which include moto-style jackets, tanks and jeans, range from $32.50 to $64.50.

The collaboration with Hot Topic is a bit unexpected, though. Earlier this year, Jett settled a lawsuit with the retailer for using her "Blackheart" logo on a line of lingerie. I guess both parties have put their differences aside for a cause to benefit the greater good: providing the perfect uniform for singing "I Love Rock 'N' Roll" at karaoke night. (It has happened. On multiple occasions.) Here are a few of the looks from the collection:

Images: Courtesy of Hot Topic