Tanesha Awasthi's Fall Collection is Chic Genius

As more and more women (and men for that matter!) take to fashion blogging, it’s becoming progressively more difficult to find a blog that’s truly different. Something outside the usual “click and shoot,” “Here’s me in a gorgeous dress, looking (you guessed it) gorgeous.” There’s nothing wrong with those types of blogs, of course. I love looking through them as much as the next girl. But I also love something that stands out. And Tanesha Awasthi of Girl With Curves has always been that. Through her personal outfit photos (not to mention her killer maternity fashion whilst she was expecting), her wild and beautiful curly locks and her flare for traditionally feminine silhouettes, she isn’t just any blogger. Which is probably why her Girl With Curves fashion collections have gone down so well.

Back in Nov. of 2013, Awasthi released just one design for the holiday season: the tutu that would become her trademark piece. It was so popular that people wanted more, and that fact has ultimately led to the three recently launched collections for the autumn/winter seasons: the Fall Collection, Holiday Collection and Basics Collection. “I’ve wanted to be a designer since I was a little girl,” she tells me. “Growing up, it was hard not to be able to wear what I wanted because clothes either didn’t fit or were too expensive.” Now she’s remedying that — and judging by how fast some of the items have sold out — from the second round of the tutu to a burgundy, bodycon co-ord set – people are in love.

Despite all the progress made in plus-size fashion, there’s still a void when it comes to high-quality, on-trend and ethically made pieces. There’s not much in the way of couture or Gossip-Girl -esque-wear. And it’s always been a shame for those of us who crave that runway-ready look. Having experienced the difficulties in finding such clothing options firsthand, what Awasthi has done is create her “dream wardrobe.” “I really wanted to give women wardrobe essentials that would last through seasonal trends,” she says. “And black and white are so classic, while the silhouettes in the collection are modern and fresh.” The strength of this collection is that it’s so elegant and sophisticated, but not remotely boring. Through the use of asymmetrical cuts, ball gown skirts and, of course, tulle, she blends a chic complexity with the princess factor so many women will always want in their closets way past childhood.

Besides the memorable princess-vibe to everything from the tutu dress to the frill hem blazer, there’s also a strand of body confidence running through each and every design. The majority of Awasthi’s clothes are quite form-fitting — they nestle closely to the body, and subsequently, to the curves. Whilst each item could fit into the “flattering” category, none is designed with the intention to hide the figure.

“I love seeing comments from women saying they feel proud of their curves after visiting the website and getting a feel for what the brand stands for the moment they try on the clothing,” she says. “My goal has always been to make women feel amazing on the outside, which I believe makes them feel good and confident on the inside.” Considering a lot of plus fashion is still (lamentably so) focused on creating the slimming effect, it’s designs like Awasthi’s that really make you feel like things are changing.

When I asked Awasthi why she thinks the tutu skirts in particular sell out so quickly, she said, “[It’s] every girl’s fantasy. It’s one part whimsical that takes you back to your childhood of wanting to look and feel like a princess, but it’s a grown-up, fashionable piece that stands out from the crowd of traditional dresses at a party or special occasion.” The thing is, that analysis is fitting of most of the collection. Part whimsical innocence, part adult festivity, it blends the desire so many of us have to balance our childhood selves with our grown-up responsibilities.

“My clothing is not for the faint of heart,” she adds. “It’s for the girl who is proud of her body and her love of fashion, who isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.” Awasthi’s collections are definitely designed to make a statement — and what better time to do so than the holiday season, when tutu’s, ball gowns and all things frilly are a necessity?

Other blogging babes show their love for Girl With Curves

Liz Black of P.S. It’s Fashion:

While fashion is improving for women over a size 12, there is still a lot of growth to be had. Some bloggers, like myself, have partnered with brands to help create plus capsule collections and offer on-trend clothing to the community. What Tanesha has done is amazing; launching a line of your own is a difficult undertaking and she’s done a stunning job with her chic, minimalistic designs.

Stephanie Yeboah of Nerd About Town:

I absolutely adore the skater/tulip cut of the garments; I believe that this is the sort of tailoring that compliments and accentuates our curves in all the right places and I've completely fallen in love with the full maxi skirt.

Karyn Johnson of Killer Kurves:

After following Tanesha's blog over the past few years, I can truly see her style shining through in her latest collection. Her designs are the perfect fusion of fashion-forward femininity and modern sophistication. It is clear that she has put much care and thought into the cut and draping of each piece — as they hang perfectly off any girl with curves!

Danielle Vanier of Danielle Vanier:

I think the collection is beautiful. If you gave me three names and asked me who had designed this collection, I would tell you it was Tanesha. I especially love her Holiday collection — that full maxi skirt…wow!

Tiffany Crawford of Lace N Leopard:

I love Tanesha's new fall collection! The line features amazingly structured and trendy pieces that embody class and sophistication for the modern woman. I'm in love!

Images: Tanesha Awasthi/Girl With Curves