This Disturbing Jewelry Supports a Great Cause

The anti-domestic violence cause has been gaining well-deserved traction lately following several high-profile cases of physical abuse, including the Ray Rice scandal, and now the fashion industry is hopping on board. Recently, Kerry Washington designed a purse for the Allstate Foundation, and now Topshop is producing anti-domestic violence jewelry in support of Eliminate Domestic Violence. The only bad news? Said jewelry is really disturbing.

According to The Independent, Topshop teamed up with jewelry designer Solange Azagury-Partridge on the exclusive four-piece collection of necklaces and earrings. Each piece comes in gold or silver plate and features "the silhouette of a woman on her knees, in fetal position, with her head in her hands" and the initials EDV stamped into her upper arm. Fifty percent of the proceeds from jewelry sales will go toward Eliminate Domestic Violence, an organization that uses research and education to try and enact policy change.

The powerful image is certainly unsettling, but that's kind of the point. Azagury-Partridge told The Independent:

These delicate pieces embody the complexities and emotion felt worldwide in the endeavour to eliminate abuse in all its’ forms… The jewellery sits close to ones’ heart to symbolise a united front in fighting the unjust and wrongful violence on women and girls everywhere.
It's a strong image for that very reason. And that's the strength behind this collection which is purposefully designed to be impactful, to make one take notice and face up to the reality of the hurt felt by the abused in our society

I can't imagine comfortably wearing these pieces, as well-crafted as they are, because I find the image so upsetting. That said, I think it's brave of the designer (and of Topshop) to avoid shying away from this serious issue. They could have created some pretty jewelry that does nothing to further the conversation about domestic violence, but instead opted to place the cause at the forefront of the collection.

The anti-domestic violence line will be available at on November 25th.

Images: Topshop