Show Off Your Tumblr Devotion With These T-Shirts

Come on, admit it — you're obsessed with Tumblr. It's okay, we all are. I've had my own Tumblr since freshman year of college and let me tell you, re-blogging F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes and photos of pretty girls wearing clothes I can't afford has gotten me through so much crap these past few years. More crap than you can possibly imagine. If Tumblr means as much to you as it does to me, good news — you can now show your love by sporting a series of Tumblr t-shirts!

Beginning on November 10th, Tumblr will release a series of limited-edition shirts on it's new website, Tumblr Merch. According to a press release, the Tumblr Merch Artists Series includes designs by "some of Tumblr's most well-known creators." Each artist's design will be made available for one month only, with a new design premiering from November 2014 to March 2015. Some of the proceeds from each t-shirt sale will go towards supporting the Media Democracy Fund, an organization that works to protect net neutrality.

If you're wondering whether the shirts are worth wearing, well, of course they are. This is Tumblr we're talking about! But don't take my word for it — check out the images below and see for yourself.

Cindy Suen, November 2014

Traceloops, December 2014

Mikey Burton, January 2015

Santtu Mustonen, February 2015

Pasquale D'Silva, March 2015

Images: Hayley Saltzman (5)