Nicole Richie's Hair Gets Darker And Darker

More and more stars are embracing change and transforming their famous strands this fall. In today's hair news, Nicole Richie dyes her hair a deep, midnight blue, and it's broodingly sexy. As the latest celebrity to follow in the Fall hair makeovers trend, the starlet officially joins the dark side — welcome Nicole Richie!

Richie is another celebrity that's had quite the color evolution, in her hair that is. Her locks started out the year in a pretty pastel purple, followed by a darkened sky-blue which lasted for months. She has also jumped back and forth from blonde to brunette too many times to count, but hey I get it, I get bored with my hair too. I guess it's time for another change! Her latest color venture is totally unique and looks flawless on her. The look is definitely more grown up and casts her in a new light, a sultry light. The transformation is not as shocking as some others we've seen from her (remember when she had silver hair?!) but it's definitely the most classy and flattering. Richie's dusk-colored mane made it's first public appearance on her Instagram yesterday, check it out below.

What do you think of the new hue?