Their Ad Is Seriously Creepy

by Sienna Fantozzi

I always thought the Holidays were a time to be merry and bright and spread Christmas cheer for all to hear. But apparently Kendall and Kylie Jenner think it should be something OUT OF YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE. Kendall and Kylie launched their PacSun Holiday collection with a dark and brooding video that makes me feel less like it's Christmas time, and more like Halloween 2.0. Prepare to be afraid.

The Jenner's new collection is certainly edgy, so I get that the accompanying video should reflect that vibe, but the dark (and somewhat disturbing) video is just plain creepy, and it honestly makes Kanye look downright upbeat and positive. The girls' explanation for the collection, which features lace, velvet, and plenty of dark colors, is it's reflection of their own styles. "What we love the most about our new holiday collection with PacSun is how it perfectly balances out our unique styles," the 19 and 17-year-old sisters told US Weekly. The collection will be available in stores on November 7th — that is, for those of you who aren't scared off by this video, so let's break down the absolute creepiest moments in Kendall and Kylie's PacSun video.

The Opening Brood

They stare, dazed, at something in the distance (and I don't want to know what) as smoke billows around them. You're intrigued.

The Death Stare

But then they make eye contact. You're suddenly afraid for your life.

The Strobe Lights

The strobe lights begin as the screen flashes with light and you suddenly feel like you're back trapped in that Halloween haunted house where you were chased by scary men with chainsaws. (This caused some serious PTSD).

It's On

Shit just got real.

Creatures of the Night

Oh no, there's big, scary wolves involved.

Reinforcing The Fear



The screen goes black. You feel safe again.

The Brood, Take Two

Oh, whoops, no, they're back again.

The Second Stare

In case you missed it the first time.

A Killer Glance

Whoa, why is Kylie looking at Kendall like that?

Some In-Your-Face Text

Threatening text cascades up the screen, alerting you that the clothes (which failed to make a sufficiently advertised appearance) can be purchased at PacSun.

Creepiest video. Ever.

Images: Youtube