Taylor Wears Lipstick Even When She Runs

Unlike the rest of us, when Taylor Swift goes for a jog, she doesn't break a sweat. No, she gets all gussied up with a full face of makeup that stays perfectly in place even when she pauses for a photo op mid-run. According to a Jezebel commenter, Taylor Swift was running in a Nashville park on Sunday when she happened upon a girl having glamour shots taken by a professional photographer. Because she's amazing, the "Shake It Off" singer decided to brighten the girl's day by posing for a few photos... and that is how we discovered that Swift wears lipstick and looks like a goddess when she exercises.

"One of my former coworkers is a photographer, she does a lot of portrait work," the Jezebel reader wrote, "She was taking pics of a girl in a local park and Taylor Swift jogged by, and just popped up in the pictures. I can't help it — I'm totally team Swift now. She is adorable and randomly makes people's day all the time." While this was definitely a sweet gesture, I'm more fascinated by the fact that the singer was sporting a perfect berry lip shade and not an ounce of moisture on her face. Also her hair was down in an artful bed-head instead of crammed up into a frizzy ponytail. What witchcraft is this???

Not even fair. This is Taylor Swift's New York and we're all just living in it.