How To Move, 'Vogue' Style

There is something to be said for giving even the most tedious, quotidian tasks a dash of glamour, a subject in which Vogue is incredibly well-versed. Vogue's transition to 1 World Trade Center from the magazine's current base at 4 Times Square is in progress, and the magazine has miraculously transformed the process into the type of couture-infused, high-low editorial spread to make Anna Wintour proud.

Sprinkled throughout Vogue's Instagram account — as well as those of its employees — are spirited shots of impeccably dressed staffers and models packing away memories in the chicest fashion. In one snap, models Grace Mahary, Imaan Hamman, and Xiaowen Ju created an elegant tableau carrying Vogue's storied letters from their lofty place on the publication's entry wall. Another enviable image captures and Andre Leon Talley in an elevator ride so infused with talent it is shock more staffers didn't attempt to join in. Editor Mieke ten Have wrote a heartfelt note of regarding all of the 4 Times Square characteristics she wouldn't miss, pairing the list with an image of her pointy toe heels poking out of an industrial size rubbish bin, and Anthony Bayoneto struck a pose against a stack of orange boxes while wryly expounding the virtues of the packing trend for fall 2014. Whoever said fashion takes itself too seriously clearly hasn't spent enough time with this bunch. Bon voyage, Vogue; no doubt the new location will prove an even more elegant chapter in the publication's history.