8 Animal Inspired Shoes To Keep Your Feet Feeling Wildly Adorable

I'm about to share with you one of life's essential truths: things that look like other things are always be best, especially when we're talking clothing and accessories. Ergo, shoes disguised as animals are sure to garner unanimous gushes, coos, and compliments from everyone who sees them. Kinda like dogs or babies.

So, if you're looking to inject some squee into your shoe collection, look no further than these 8 cheeky flats, boots, heels and sneakers inspired by some of your favorite furry friends.

Pink Flamingos

If Flamingos are charming on your lawn, they’re devastatingly charismatic on your feet.

Featherstone Loafers, $120 at Irregular Choice

Image: Irregular Choice

Deerly Beloved

Keep Bambi alive as part of your shoe.

Irregular Choice Fawn Shoe, $199.95 at Ashbury Skies

Image: Ashbury Skies

Going Batty

Maybe you wouldn’t want to cuddle up with a bat, but they do make some fine shoe accents.

Bat-up Pump, $175 at Jeffrey Campbell

Image: Jeffrey Campbell

Mystical Horsin' Around

It’s a three-way hybrid: a shoe with the body of the horse, with the wings of a butterfly. Mind = blown.

Grohl-Fab Shoe, $180 at Jeffrey Campbell

Image: Jeffrey Campbell

Foxxy Cleopatra

These foxes are beyond chic, although I still can’t fathom the sound that they make.

Fox Suede Pumps, $695 by REDValentino

Image: Net-a-Porter

Chat Noir

Riddle me this: are cat pumps ever a bad idea? Pfft, of course not.

You and Meow Forever Heel, $48.99 from Modcloth

Image: Modcloth

Panda Bear Flats

Try not to form an emotional attachment to these adorable little bear faces.

Stroke of Genius Flat in White, $25.99 from Modcloth

Image: Modcloth

Puppy Love

A percentage of the profits for these shoes goes to the ASPCA, so what’s not to like about these shoes? The puppies?! Don't be ridiculous...

Vans X ASPCA Slip-On Digs Skate Shoe, $54.99 from Journeys

Image: Journeys