Don't Ever Say This To A Lipstick Lover

Honestly, if I could, I would spend an hour every day doing my makeup. It's relaxing and my favorite way to express myself. But if I'm crunched for time, there are three features that I always try to accommodate: brows, lashes, and, of course, lips. Doing the brows helps frame the face, curling the lashes helps open the eyes, and adding a lippy instantly pulls any look together. And bonus? It can often make it look like you've put in more effort than you actually did. But that's not all. Lipstick holds magical powers, guys. Not quite like flight and probably the opposite of invisibility, but lipstick can make you walk taller, reduce stress, and even bring people together. Seriously, never underestimate the power of a discussion over the best red lipsticks to form lifelong bonds.

As a big believer in this member of the cosmetic triumvirate, if you will, there is hardly a day that goes by when my lips are not dressed up. And like many lipstick lovers, I tend to stick to the motto: "The bolder, the better." But for some reason, wearing lipstick, especially in brighter or darker hues, comes with a stigma of trying too hard. Which is pretty silly, because if I may speak for the lipstick mavens of the world, rocking a modified lip-hue is for the wearer herself, not for anyone else. So with all due respect, to all you natural-lipped people of the world, here are seven comments to maybe refrain from making to your violet, red, or otherwise-colored-lipped friend. Trust me, she's probably sick of hearing it.

1. "Why Are You So Dressed Up/For Whom Are You Dressed Up?"

Please, I wear lipstick when I'm watching a movie on my couch, alone, with my PJs on. This has nothing to do with where I am or who I'm with.

2. "Are You Trying To Be Like Taylor Swift?"

TSwift is awesome, and yes, I love her signature red lip. But just because it's her signature, doesn't mean it can't be anyone else's. I'm wearing this lipstick because I'm being me, not her.

3. "What, Exactly, Is the Point of a 'Nude' Lipstick?"

What, exactly, is the point of a blue scarf? I like the way it looks, it compliments the rest of my makeup, and completes my outfit.

4. "So Are You Gothic?"

No, a dark lippy does not mean that I belong to any particular subculture, just as the absence of one doesn't mean that I don't.

5. "Doesn't Your S.O. Hate Kissing You With That Stuff On?"

"That stuff" is part of what makes me, me. Yes, it can be difficult to coordinate kisses if color-transferring is inevitable, but my S.O. understands and accepts the occasional lipstick-laden kiss. Also, that's what cheeks and air-kisses are for!

6. "I Don't Know That I've Ever Even Seen Your Actual Lips."

Yes, you have; you're looking at them right now.

7. "OMG Where Did You Get That Color?!"

Just kidding. Don't be afraid to ask a lipstick enthusiast what she's wearing. We don't just love buying and wearing lipsticks — we also love talking about them.

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