J.Crew Is Selling Lipstick Now (!!!)

Dreams really do come true! J.Crew's Troi Ollivierre is debuting his own makeup line, beginning with a collection of lipsticks inspired by the signatures he's developed for the brand. We may not be getting J.Crew activewear anytime soon, but at least we now have J. Crew-adjacent beauty products to help ease the pain, right?

Ollivierre has been the apparel brand's hair and makeup artist for over 10 years, during which time he's mastered the art of blending lip colors to achieve the perfect shade. Now you can look like a J. Crew model (not the drunk kind) with just a quick swipe of one of Ollivierre's fabulous new lipsticks. He's offering six different shades, two of which, Parker (used in J.Crew's Fall 2014 presentation) and George, are currently available for purchase on You can pre-order the other four at the beauty guru's website.

"I felt like a lot of the matte colors on the market tended to be dry and heavy, so I wanted to create a highly saturated, pigmented, matte, luxe lipstick that is moisturizing and feels weightless," Ollivierre told T Magazine about his inspiration. "It’s really about the beauty of the girl coming through.” he says. Shouldn't that always be what makeup is about?


At $28 a pop, these aren't the cheapest lipsticks in the world, but I can guarantee they'll be worth every penny. Plus, they're a heck of a lot more affordable than J.Crew's cashmere sweaters.

Image: Troi Ollivierre