Up Your At-Home Mani Game With This Beauty Hack

If you're anything like me, you probably struggle with painting your own nails. Everything goes well on the first side, but it's off to smudge-town once you switch to holding the applicator with your non-dominant hand. To solve that problem, many of us hit the nail salon on the regular or bribe our poor significant others into becoming amateur nail technicians (guilty). But no more! Fashionista has brought an amazing DIY manicure hack to my attention and life will never be the same.

You have Canadian vlogger and total genius CutePolish to thank for all the millions you will save on never paying for a manicure again after you hear about this trick. Here are the deets, described by Fashionista's Fawnia Soo Hoo: "[I]nstead of focusing on keeping your non-dominant hand steady while slowly applying the polish, keep it still and let your dominant hand do all the movement back and forth." MIND BLOWN.

I haven't given this a shot yet, but from the looks of the video, it appears to be a super simple and effective technique. I rarely do my own nails because I can't control my left hand at all and so the nails on my right hand always end up looking like they were done by Jackson Pollack. Not anymore! Maybe I'll finally use up all the nail polish I've collected over the years.