6 Awkward Jewelry Moments We've All Dealt With

by Tess Yocom

There’s something about having a signature piece of jewelry that makes you feel completely off unless you’re wearing it. For me, that’s my gold Kate Spade bow ring. For the past year, I’ve refused to leave the house unless I’m wearing it on my right index finger. It’s great… but it tends to get stuck on EVERYTHING. My hair. The string on my backpack. A wool sweater. And once, it even got stuck to a stranger’s scarf. Talk about a party foul...

We all can appreciate a good statement necklace or glitzy pair of earrings, but that doesn't mean they don't create extremely awkward moments every once in a while. I know you've tried on a ring in a store and stood there in panic when it wouldn’t come off our finger. Awkward. So awkward.

But, I’m probably not the only one out there who’s dealt with this. Like our favorite little Zac Efron sang on a basketball court in High School Musical, we’re all in this together, right? The key to dealing with any embarrassing moment is to keep your cool, so it shouldn’t be any different when it involves our favorite accessory.

Here are awkward moment we’ve all dealt with when wearing jewelry. I'm not going to say we survived... we thrived.

1. You Try On A Ring At A Store… And It’s Stuck

Oh, the classic. You warned yourself it would happen, but here you are. You’re standing in the middle of Forever 21 and are pretty tempted to grab some butter at the food court in order to get that thing off all while a sales associate stares you down. Awk.

For this one, it’s really all about prevention. As cool as that ring looks, maybe you shouldn’t try it on. And if you do, good luck. (Or, you know, always have some string handy.)

2. Or, Better Yet…Your Ring Is Stuck On Someone Else

I was standing in a crowded room, raised my arm up, and quickly realized that my bow ring was stuck…on another girl’s scarf. Hi, um, I need you to stay still so I can get myself out of this mess.

Well, the good(ish) news is that it’s also stuck on them, so they can’t really move, either. Maybe this can be a very awkward opportunity to make a new friend.

3. You’ve Never Realized How LOUD Your Bangles Are

You’re typing at your desk at work. It’s pretty quiet in the office, so all you hear is clink…clink…clink. That bracelet looks great, but that noise? Not so hot.

Look, I get it. You just bought that gold Betsey Johnson bracelet. It looks great. But for the sanity of your co-workers, please take it off when you’re at your desk. Your office will thank you.

4. It’s 3 P.M. And You’re Only Been Wearing One Dangly Earring All Day

It’s like having a piece of spinach in your teeth: WHY didn’t anybody tell you? How could your friends and peers and everyone else you know let you go out in public like that? Come on, guys.

Yeah, it’s awkward, but all you can do is take your lonesome earring out and laugh it off. Or rock the asymmetrical look — it's totally in right now.

5. Wearing Two Necklaces Is Fun… Until They Get Tangled Together

You’ve seen the trend all over Pinterest. It looks so chic, so you obviously have to try it out. Well—that didn’t go as planned. Is this Charlotte’s web we’re dealing with or what?

It might be a good idea to stick with just one necklace. As we all know, Pinterest ideas don’t always work out.

6. The Latch On Your Necklace Is Stuck

RIP to the gold monogrammed pendant that I had to yank off my neck after losing the 30 minute battle with that nasty little hook. You are greatly missed.

Whether it’s that necklace that won’t come untangled, a lost charm, or any other piece of jewelry that left your life too soon, it was always be a tragedy.

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