These Mistakes Make You Look Older

by Julia Teen

If you aren't an 8-year-old using Mom's makeup for the first time, chances are you aren't trying to look older when you apply beauty products for the day. Yet, most of us unintentionally add years to our faces with our makeup every day — myself included. When I spot a dark circle, I’m going to try and throw piles of foundation on top of it, instead of artfully concealing, and then look into the mirror to "Oh my god, am I 50??"

It happens (often, sob). We all know the "less is more" adage rings oh so true with makeup, but in the event you just can't stop yourself, here are the common pitfalls we often fall into.


Powder can add 10 years to your face, so instead opt for a fluid foundation to create flawless skin and just dust loose translucent powder over to set,” makeup artist Taylor Babaian says.

Prefer a powder compact foundation instead? Babaian says to apply with a powder brush and add concealer afterwards to avoid caking. “This allows you to use the least amount possible, which ultimately results in more natural-looking skin.”

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Wearing Too Much Foundation

We all do it, but it’s not doing us any favors. “Foundation can settle into lines and accentuate them, so the fix is to go for a tinted moisturizer and spot treat blemishes or concerns with concealer,” makeup artist Julianne Kaye says.

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Over-Coloring Your Brows

Eyebrows should always be a shade lighter than your natural color in order to look the most youthful, flattering, and natural, makeup artist Chantal Moore says. “Unnatural eyebrow colors are very outdated.”

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Underutilizing Cheek Tools

What’s the number one way to make your face look alive? “Using bronzer to mimic where the sun hits your face — this makes you appear youthful, and conveys health,” says Moore. “A pink blush focused on the apple of your cheeks also looks fresh.” She says to learn how to contour and highlight your face as naturally as possible to avoid harsh lines. “You want your skin to be matte in the right places, and dewy in others, to create vibrancy.”

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Wearing the Same Colors

Habits are habits, but with makeup colors, there is a limit. "If you’ve been using the same shade for over five years,” Babaian says, “consider replacing many items in your makeup kit. Pull looks from celebs that have similar coloring to you and duplicate the look. It’s a great way to try new things.”

Not Knowing When to Tone it Down

A pop of color is great, but blue eyeshadow is true overkill, Kaye says. “If you want to experiment with a bit of color, get a colored eyeliner and work it in the waterline of your eye, or do your cat eye in a cool indigo color.”

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Skipping Mascara

Babaian says to curl your lashes to add an instant lift to your eyes. "Finish with waterproof mascara to hold up the curl. This instantly gives eyes a wide awake look and also lifts falling lids by holding them up.”

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Dulling Your Shine

Add a pop of shimmer! “As we age, we lose luminosity to our skin, so adding a shimmer to the high points of the cheekbones and to the inner corners of the eye can really liven up and youth-ify the face,” Kaye says.

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Image: 123012464@N05/Flickr