Is Rihanna The New Olivia Pope? Sort Of!

She's really baaaack! Rihanna somewhat quietly returned to Instagram, re-activating her account after breaking up with the photo-sharing service earlier this year. BadGirlRiRi posted some full-frontal topless photos and the powers-that-be at IG were not happy — and she ultimately bailed. She was seen on IG here and there, dancing in a bikini with friends, but returned for real this fall. Rihanna's latest pics and IG fun aren't of the singer getting suggestive and showing so much skin that she set caught the attention of censors. Instead, the singer dressed like Scandal heroine Olivia Pope during a visit to The White House in Washington, D.C. So, yes, Rihanna is once again influencing fashion on her IG feed, as designer Tom Ford once said.

So this is what famous and fashionable pop singers do when they're not on tour or in the studio!

Wearing a clingy print frock and strappy heels, with her hair swept back into a bun atop her head, RiRi re-enacted some Olivia Pope moments at a payphone and in the White House Press Room.

And yeah, when you are a famous pop diva, you get access and clearance in places us normals might not ever get to see. But RiRi was having all sorts of fun posing like Pope and it emanated from the pics.

In her captions, she even namechecked other characters, proving that she is indeed a consummate Scandal fan.

She also reminded the Rihanna Navy that her absence from Instagram was pretty difficult to deal with and while we missed her and lamented her exodus, we are glad that she is indeed back and sharing pics from her fabulous life.

All this means is that the show's writers and producers need to create a bit part for Rihanna on a future episode or season.

Images: Rihanna/Instagam (4)