Steal His Lust-Worthy Ombre Locks

Jared Leto is one of the prettiest pretty boys in Hollywood — hell he might even be better looking than some of the girls. His best feature is definitely (after those icy blue eyes of course) his lust-worthy ombré locks. The cascade of faded chocolate brown-to-amber shades is of utmost perfection, and sought after by every ombré-loving girl. Well, good news! The masterminds behind Jared Leto's hair, Chase Kusero and Aaron Grenia, are opening up a salon in NYC, so you can officially order the Jared Leto at your next appointment.

Leto's gorgeous color is actually achieved using a French highlighting technique called balayage, which allows for beautiful complementary colors to be dispersed throughout different layers of hair, rather than just a one dimensional color fade. It's the grown-up, more sophisticated version of ombré — and it will be offered at the new salon. Horay! Salon IGK will open its doors on December 1st at The Dream Hotel's downtown location and will perform balayage for $275 a pop. Kind of steep for some colored tresses but hey, I guess that's the price you have to pay to look like one of the prettiest celebs in the game. I suggest marking your calendars now as the waitlist will definitely be a long one, I mean who doesn't want hair this pretty?