Rejoice! There's a New Naked Palette On The Way!

Beauty lovers, your Tuesday morning is about to improve tenfold. Getting "Naked" will soon be easier then ever — Urban Decay's brand-new Naked On the Run palette is due out in time for the holidays! You'll want to clear some room on that wish list of yours because it's going to be epic. And you thought the Naked Vault was a big deal...

Urban Decay announced the new makeup set on social media last week, to much fanfare. According to the makeup blog Musings of a Muse, Naked On the Run will feature five eyeshadows, a Naked Flush Blush/Bronzer, a highlighter, mascara, lipgloss, and a 24/7 eyeliner. Essentially, everything you need to rock that neutral makeup on the go. I personally think this set would be a great Naked starter kit, ideal for someone who doesn't own the other palettes but wants in. And, at only $54, you can probably afford to spring for it.

There's only one downside, as pointed out by Refinery 29 — "Because it has complexion products included, it sadly won't work for all skin tones. It would be great if it came in a few different shades to cater to a wider diversity of potential fans." This is definitely a shame, but it doesn't quite negate how fabulous this news is. Check out an image of the new palette below.

Naked On The Run will be available at Sephora on December 1st. Christmas has definitely come early for Urban Decay diehards.