Nicole Made H&M Look So, So Glam

I am the rare budget conscious 23-year-old woman who doesn't really get along with H&M. For whatever reason, the clothes just don't fit me right, which is depressing given how trendy and affordable everything is. I've mostly accepted my fate, but this morning I find myself suffering from a severe case of H&M envy: Nicole Richie's awesome all-white ensemble that she wore to this weekend's Baby2Baby Gala in Los Angeles contains a very inexpensive dress by the Swedish retailer.

Richie, who is a personal style icon of mine, rocked a glamorously minimalist ensemble that destroyed several conventions, namely that a) no one should wear white after Labor Day, and b) celebrities don't shop like normals. Richie wore an ankle-length mock neck dress that costs $39.95 at H&M (it's currently sold out, natch) beneath a long cape in the same shade of white. She accessorized the icy look with tons of silver rings and an ear cuff. The only pops of color were the red soles of her pointy-toed Louboutin pumps, her dark nails, and her teal blue hair. So. Fab.

As a short and busty lady, I don't think I could pull of head-to-toe white without looking like a miniature snowman. However, Richie makes a strong case for banishing color from your wardrobe. She's just so statuesque!

Amy Graves/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ugh, gorgeous! It seems that more and more celebrities are discovering the merits of high-street these days. Beyonce is a well-documented Topshop diehard, while Taylor Swift has been spotted in Miss Patina and Urban Outfitters more times than we can count. As our culture becomes less and less label obsessed, affordable brands are able to gain more cache among the fashion conscious. This is great news for those of us can't always afford designer wares.

And when H&M looks this good, it's hard to miss luxury prices!

Image: Getty Images