Kendall Jenner Officially Has A Lob

It's hard to be sure of much these days, but when it comes to celebrities, there are always a few constants, right? I mean, odds are that someone famous is always going to date someone else famous, have adorable trendy, plant-named children and then get amicably divorced three to five years later. We can kind of count on that. What else can we be sure of with celebrities these days? Hair. Slowly, but surely, they will all (yes, every single one of them) get a lob. The next famous long-haired celebrity to make the chop? Model, Kardashian-klan member, and all-around gorgeous human being Kendall Jenner has a bob now. And has debuted it via a video appearance on Justin Bieber's Instagram account. Naturally.

Before you watch the video, let me explain to you what's happening in the seconds-long clip. Essentially, Bieber is comparing his large coffee cup with Jenner's extremely tiny (and, apparently, very cute) coffee cup. What you initially think is just two young celebrities doing nothing of importance, turns out to be something so much more important (in a we-are-obsessed-with-celebrity-culture kind of way): KENDALL CUT HER HAIR. Forget the tiny coffee cup, right? Where did all the hair go?

The cut is shoulder-length, light and suits Jenner, who has always sported super long hair, very well. I mean, what were you expecting? It to not look good? This is the girl who wore that to-the-hip, double-slit dress and still looked totally fab, guys. Of course she's going to look perfect. The big question here: Why debut your hair on Bieber's Instagram account? I mean, why not? I guess when everything you do beauty-wise has the potential of making the news, it kind of doesn't matter how you surprise the world with your new haircut. Who needs selfies when you have Justin Bieber? Am I right?

And, also, yes, the tiny coffee cup is kind of cute.