Channel Law Student Style With This Handy Guide

As Hulu continues to pridefully trumpet via advertisements and website banners, "Fall TV is here!", and with it, a crop of visionary wardrobe stylists whose delicately crafted ensembles are coveted week after week. Unless you've chosen to eschew television for 2014, you've likely watched at least a trailer for Shonda Rhimes' latest hit, How To Get Away With Murder .

The program delves into the life of criminal law professor and attorney Annalise Keating and her students as they navigate through Keating's course at the fabricated Middleton University law school as well as Keating's defense cases in the courtroom. Not-so-spoiler alert: How To Get Away With Murder is highly addictive in the manner only Rhimes shows are, and along with an intriguingly rendered image of the American justice system, Rhimes also has a way with the shows's fashion.

Each character's clothing tells a story, episode by episode, and if you forget to look, you're missing a key piece of the narrative's subtext. Annalise Keating's wares underscore her singular ambition; murder suspect Rebecca maintains a renegade facade with her ensembles; fellow lawyer Bonnie's subdued, refined wardrobe belies her unyielding, hard-working ethic; Brown grad and future humanitarian Laurel's clothes are a mashup of high and low, juvenile and adult; and brainy Michaela's ultra-feminine attire thinly veils her determination. If you adore the show and its creative wardrobe, read on for how to dress like your favorite How To Get Away With Murder character.


A former Brown student and the daughter of a wealthy family, Laurel is a do-gooder with a conflicted vision of what she wants from her life. Often clad in co-ed staples like pleated tweed mini skirts, bulky sweaters, and layered jewelry, Laurel mixes up her ensembles with more casual wares. Bohemian, printed tees and scarves, denim jackets, and rumpled button-downs give Laurel's youthful wardrobe the air of a law student whose sense of ethics and packed schedule keep her from sporting Gucci or Chanel.


An unabashedly motivated and whip-smart character, Michaela is also one of the most sartorially feminine and preppy. Often clad in ruffled, flared, floral, lace-embellished, or pastel ensembles, Michaela flaunts her fashion sense and femininity as a means of setting herself apart from other students. Off-duty, the student prefers simple, cashmere sweaters in stripes or prints paired with skinny jeans. Eight Sixty's Cobalt Multi Dress channels both Michaela's love of modern prints and her adoration of timeless, office-appropriate silhouettes.


The most sartorially traditional of the bunch, Bonnie favors simple, fitted silhouettes, soft colors, and ensembles which covey a combination of elegance and authority. Her style evokes modern day Jackie O., but with the occasional unexpected twist. Bonnie's greatest hits range from an ice blue scoop-neck sheath to a coral-colored sleeveless cable knit shell paired with her omnipresent wreath of pearls. To capture Bonnie's classic look, snap up one of LK Bennett's slim, tailored pieces like the Dune Check Dress; its subtle grey herringbone pattern and appropriate, crisp collar channel Bonnie to a-T. Accent with a J.Crew cashmere cardigan and pristine, round-toe pumps.


As a Criminal Law professor and tough-as-nails attorney, Annalise's character always looks ready to go into battle—much like another of Rhimes' gladiatorial female characters. Unlike Bonnie, Annalise doesn't shy away from bold prints or edgy accents. Annalise's commanding presence is further highlighted by statement necklaces, fitted leather jackets in rich, autumnal hues, voluminous floral patterns, and structured sleeveless dresses. A closet full of impeccably tailored tea-length dresses will have fans of the show looking the part of Annalise, especially when paired with Cusp by Neiman Marcus's Peplum Asymmetric-Zip Faux-Leather Jacket, which mimics Annalise's fitted jacket in the series' premiere episode.


On trial for murder and a self-diagnosed iconoclast, Rebecca does her best to keep the world at arm's length, from her attitude to her wardrobe. Rebecca's closet is all grunge, edge, and anti-establishment. The character, rarely seen out of the courtroom without her nose ring and smudged eyeliner, favors printed concert tees, ripped jeans, and black leather jackets. Stacks of bracelets or faded metallic necklaces occasionally add insouciance to her wardrobe, but the focus is firmly on clothing that screams rebellion. BLANK NYC's Shredded Boyfriend in Torn to Shreds evoke Rebecca's insurgent attitude when paired with a faded, grey tee-shirt and mussed locks.

Images: howtogetawaywithmurder/Instagram