Jennifer Lawrence has Upped Her Beauty Game

It kind of goes without saying that Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful, right? I mean, it's just a fact. That said, excuse me for a minute while I get a little borderline creepy: Is it just me, or does she look even more beautiful than usual lately? Her makeup game has been on point during this whole The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 international press tour (thus far, anyway).

Her personal style has been kind of a roller coaster of ups and downs: I thought her London premiere Dior dress was to-die-for — others said it looked a tad like a bedspread, which, OK, I guess it kind of did... Even so, it was one of her best Dior looks to date, IMO. Her other looks have been a touch lackluster, however. I was categorically not a fan of her white pantsuit (especially as her co-stars Elizabeth Banks, Julianne Moore, and Natalie Dormer apparently all got the memo on the cute cocktail dresses front), and her floral shirtdress, while cute, didn't quite seem up to scratch for a press conference. Her makeup, though? Totally different story.

I don't know if she hired a new makeup artist or what, but her makeup has looked absolutely amazing as of late — so let's take a look.

At a Mockingjay Press Conference

See? It's the perfect amount of eyeliner — enough to give her the doe-eyed-with-a-splash-of-Margot-Tenenbaum, but not full Taylor Momsen. Plus, that mauve shade of lipstick is Goldilocks-style juuuuust right.

At the Mockingjay World Premiere

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A smidge over-powdered in the eye area, but that sparkly pink lip gloss is pitch-perfect.

At the Mockingjay World Premiere Afterparty

I'm loving the high-impact eyeliner look on her.

At the Mockingjay Photocall

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Blended-out copper eyeliner on the lower lid paired with baby pink lipstick? Now, that right there is some Bardot-level drama!

I already can't wait for the respective New York and Los Angeles premieres (I'm predicting even more amazing looks).

Images: Getty Images; Twitter