K-Stew Made The Comb-Over Hot

Around the time that Kirsten Stewart donned Joan Jett's famous mullet for 2010's The Runaways I developed a giant crush on her that hasn't let up since. The fact that she's somehow become a fashion goddess isn't helping matters. I mean, that woman looks incredible every time she hits the red carpet (and she doesn't need to smile to do it). Often, she kills it in styles that would make zero sense on any one else. Case in point: Kristen Stewart rocked a straight-up comb-over to a recent screening of Alice. Yeah, a comb-over.

This style, typically reserved for aging old white dudes, somehow makes Stewart look like a punk rock queen from the future. A future where comb-overs are badass and not lame. The actress paired her edgy 'do with an equally edgy black and white dress with patent leather trim and mesh neckline, black shoes, and shimmery white-silver eye makeup. The results were so awkwardly hot that I actually think I'm in love with her. Sartorially, at least.

Old White Dudes of America should be very grateful to K-Stew for being the one bright spot on the bleak, bleak timeline of the comb-over. Granted, she has a little more hair to work with than your average politician with a receding hairline. But still — if the former Bella Swan can make this coiffure look good, I have faith.

Oliver Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For those of you now interested in giving the comb-over a whirl — please do. And be sure to text photos to all your friends and also me, because I have a feeling no one can own this disheveled pixie comb-over quite like K-Stew.

Image: Getty Images