Baz Luhrmann's Holiday Collection Includes A Saber

Christmas has officially arrived, y'all. Baz Dazzled Holiday, Baz Luhrmann's holiday collection for Barneys, finally launches on Thrusday, November 13th, which means your festive decor is about to get a lot more whimsical. Think, like, "if Moulin Rouge was actually a holiday film" levels of whimsy. If that phrase alone doesn't get you pumped for this collaboration, read on.

The famed department store,wacky film director, and costume designer extraordinaire Catherine Martin (also Luhrmann's wife and frequent collaborator) have joined forces for a fabulously lively collection of holiday items including ornaments, a champagne saber, and engraved notecards. Prices run from somewhat reasonable ($25 for a star-embellished tote) to completely off-the-wall insane ($7,000 for a backgammon set). Is this how Luhrmann's version of Jay Gatsby would do Christmas?

Baz Dazzled was announced last month when the Romeo + Juliet director revealed he would be hosted a party with Barneys at the Central Park Zoo to kick off the holiday season. Each year, Barneys partners with a big name on a holiday collection and coordinating window display. Previous guest designers include the likes of Lady Gaga and Jay Z. With Luhrmann's fabulously opulent aesthetic at play, Baz Dazzled is likely to be one of the most memorable.

Check out some of the best, brightest, and most bizarre items available from Baz Dazzled. You can find the rest over at

1. Baz Dazzled Jigsaw Puzzle, $150

Keep the kids mesmerized for hours with this gaudy (and probably very confusing) puzzle.

2. Champagne Saber, $785

Just about the most useless purchase I can think of, unless you're trying to win over someone as easily impressed by extravagance as Daisy Buchanan.

3. Winter Lady Ornament, $64

This seems a bit pricy for an ornament, but it's one of the prettiest items in the collection.

4. Backpack, $78

It's a backpack. With antlers!!!!

5. Hot Water Bottle With Fur Cover, $98

This is the definition of absurd.

6. Zebrano "Pheasant" Backgammon Set, $6,995

No. Words.

Images: Barneys