Kaley Cuoco Re-Wore Her Wedding Dress

hrsBuying a wedding dress is no cheap feat. Dropping thousands of dollars on a gown is already hard for me to swallow, but one you'll only wear once is truly mind boggling IMO. So I'd imagine that if given the opportunity, women would love to re-wear the priciest, most prized piece of clothing in their closet. Well, one celebrity did just that, giving brides everywhere recycling hope for their stashed away gowns. Kaley Cuoco re-wore her wedding dress in a music video for her new movie The Wedding Ringer.

It seems Cuoco was super excited about slipping back into her pretty in pink Vera Wang. In an Instagram posted of the dress, she exclaimed "I got to wear my wedding dress for a second time! I feel giddy!" Who wouldn't? That's an opportunity most brides don't usually get. Since the dress isn't a traditional white, it doesn't feel strictly bridal, which can actually be a good thing. The idea got me thinking, what other places could she wear her wedding dress to? Because it's pink, I think it's versatile enough to be worn for other occasions, and she's definitely one to pull it off. Here are 5 other places where Cuoco can rock that gorgeous gown again. Maybe you'll be inspired to re-wear yours, too.

1. On The Red Carpet

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sure as an A-list celeb she probably gets to pick between tons of designer dresses. But there's something special and unique about a woman's wedding dress that can't be recreated with the latest runway design. Can't you just picture the pink poofy goodness against the bold red of the carpet?! It would be genius.

2. On An Episode Of The Big Bang Theory

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The highly anticipated wedding of Penny (played by Cuoco) and Leonard should be coming this season! She can totally wear her real life wedding dress to her TV sitcom wedding, how cool would that be?

3. To An Easter Garden Party

Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images News/Getty Images

How pretty would that pink dress look in a sea of pastel easter eggs? I can just imagine the photo-opps. Plus the strapless tulle threads scream garden-chic, which it totally a thing.

4. Date Night With Her Hot Hubbie

Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sure it might be a bit over the top for dinner at Chateau Marmont but when you're Kaley Cuoco, who cares? She can wear a big poofy dress if she damn well pleases.

5. For Halloween

Even though Halloween just passed, this totally serves as inspiration for next year's costume. Maybe she can dress up as a pretty pretty princess? Only thing missing is a tiara.

Image: chris.alcoran/ Flickr Commons