Cara D's New Jacket is More Than Just Stylish

Guys, fashion is just getting so crazy. According to the New York Post, paparazzi-hating model/actress Cara Delevingne owns a "paparazzi-blocking" jacket designed to ward off photographers. Because this is Delevingne we're talking about, it's actually pretty stylish as well as functional. Ugh, can she possibly get any cooler?

The Page Six reporter who covered Delevingne's new privacy-protecting gear reports that the silver, hooded jacket she's been seen wearing about town is the Rochambeau 3M Paparazzi Blocker, a reflective garment that screws up the lighting of photographs so that they're basically useless. A source, known only as "a spy," told the Post that the model has the only Paparazzi Blocker currently in existence. I think Delevingne seems like the perfect choice to give the coat a test drive, given that she loathes the paparazzi so much she actually dreams about punching them.

Perhaps the best part about this whole thing is the fact that the Paparazzi Blocker fits so perfectly into Delevingne's existing wardrobe. This is the woman who wore a bacon jumpsuit, after all. Reflective outerwear is practically tame compared to that. It's a little bit edgy and has an "I just threw this on but I still look better than you" vibe. Plus the reflective silver coating seems like something she would've been drawn to even without the added bonus of destroying photographer's unauthorized shots.