Ranking All Of Clara's Costumes on 'Doctor Who'

The other day, I ranked all 20 outfits in Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" music video, and I did it with a disclaimer: Even the clothes all the way down at the bottom at number 20 were still pretty darn fabulous. I feel the same way about Clara Oswald here — I coveted each and every single outfit she wore (with the possible exception of her dayglo orange space suit), and had I the funds (and a TARDIS), I would have gone back in time a couple of months to Topshop so I could purchase them all for myself — especially the adorable green coat she wore in the graveyard during the finale.

I've waxed poetic about her style before (I paid homage to her season 7 style a few months ago), but her season 8 fashion was — if possible — even better. Everything from her field trip duds to her retro-inspired printed frocks to her Maid Marion-worthy red velvet gown was pure fabulosity. Suffice it to say, there are a lot of reasons why I'll miss Clara as a companion (don't leave us, Jenna!), and her clothes are definitely one of them. So, without further ado, here's a sampling of some of her best ensembles:

13. Her field trip outfit

The sweater/skinnies combo was a little less exciting than some of her other outfits, but it was cute nonetheless.

12. Her collar-clipped blouse

I like anything with a collar clip.

11. Her date night ensemble

The brooch/blazer are awesome, and the laser-printed cocktail dress she wore underneath? Even more awesome.

10. This Topshop frock

Very Clara.

9. Her floral dress

What better to tell the Doctor off in than a sweetly-printed frock?

8. Victorian Clara returns!

Absolutely gorgeous, but she gets points off for the hairdo.

7. Her Doctor Stand-in digs

This outfit felt like a callback to Amy Pond — plaid shirt, skinny jeans, and a military jacket are all right out of the Amy Pond playbook. That said, Clara's definitely pulling the look off admirably.

6. Her eye-printed shirt

"Into the Dalek" might have been something of a clunker, but this shirt is 100% fabulous.

5. Her coat/dress combo

A nicely adorable outfit for a slightly scary, ass-kicking Clara.

4. Her diamond-printed shirt

Paired with scalloped shorts + tights (and a mean matte red lip) this was one of my personal favorites of the season.

3. Her bank heist-worthy outfit

Um, cool.

2. Her Sherwood Forest gown

A battle axe always makes a great accessory.

1. Her flapper dress


Images: Doctor Who/BBCAmerica; IMDb; pondarling, jenna-louise-coleman, nate-scott/Tumblr