3 International Skincare Products You Need Now

You know you're a beauty junkie when you feel like you've exhausted experimentation with most "local" beauty and skincare brands, and feel you need to take your search to an international level. After reading an article on French pharmacies and how they are chock-full of amazing products at affordable prices, I made it my personal mission to figure out how to get my hands on some of this stuff, and other similar products, without flying to Europe... although I wouldn't have minded a field trip, obviously! Thus began my official foray into international skincare you can buy in the USA.

I was in desperate need of a new moisturizer, and heard about Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré, also known as "24-Hour Miracle Cream." Maybe I'm a sucker for good marketing, but anything that contains the word "miracle" is something I am going to be slathering my face in, thank you very much. The Embryolisse brand originated in Paris in 1950, and is still a best-seller all these years later. After trying it, I see why — it's lightweight enough to wear as a primer underneath makeup, but still provides adequate moisture. (Tip: I use this at night, too, and mix a few drops of rosehip seed oil for extra hydration!)

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré, $28, Birchbox

Upon further investigation, I realized that my local Walgreen's carries Boots products, which are straight off the shelves of UK drugstores. I was pretty amazed at the wide selection of skincare products in Boots' line — it seemed like there was something for every skin type and concern. I picked up the Rosewater Toning Spritz, which is 100 percent organic and claims to "cleanse impurities" and refresh the skin. It definitely is a nice midday pick-me-up for my skin, and leaves me (and my makeup) feeling fresh and glowy. The rose scent is also lovely and calming, and I definitely think this is quickly becoming a staple in my beauty arsenal.

Boots Botanics Organic Rosewater Toning Spritz, $15, Amazon

I've also developed a slight obsession with the site Peach and Lily, which specializes in Asian beauty products. I ordered a pore serum on a whim, not expecting anything drastic, and WHOA — I don't think I want to ever be without this stuff! It makes my skin look incredibly smooth, and has been the most effective product I've tried thus far in reducing the appearance of my pores. Not surprisingly, this serum is sold out right now, but you better believe I submitted my email address to be notified when it's back in stock!

Be The Skin Botanical Pore Serum, $35, Peach & Lily

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Images: EmbryolisseUSA, Walgreens, PeachandLily