Kerry Really, Really Trusts Her Makeup Artist

It's one thing to have a talented makeup artist with an impressive resume on your glam squad. It's another to have one of your best friends do the job for you. Luckily for Kerry Washington, she gets both. In The Hollywood Reporter's latest Beauty Issue, Kerry Washington dishes on her close relationship with her makeup artist and longtime friend Carola Gonzalez.

The Scandal beauty has been working with Gonzalez for 10 years, who, according to her website, has been doing makeup for 11. That means not only has the Puerto Rico native dedicated most of her career to Washington, she was also there long before she became the recognizable Olivia Pope and red carpet icon she is today (circa Save the Last Dance). After working with someone for that long, I'm sure Gonzalez could draw all the curves and lines of Washington's face by memory. In fact, Washington is so confident that Gonzalez knows her way around her face, she'd trust her to do her makeup without looking. Washington told THR, "She could do my face in the dark, and I actually want to blindfold her one day, just to see what happens because I think she could do it."

That's quite the statement considering I can't even do winged eyeliner on myself, let alone blindfolded on someone else! But it sounds like a dare I'd like to see accepted. Carola, if you're reading this, Bustle challenges you to a blindfolded makeup challenge with one Kerry Washington. Let's see it!

Image: The Hollywood Reporter