Elie Saab Just Hosted the Most Fashionable Party

Sometimes, people make fun of Elie Saab for being "too predictable," "too safe," and too what-have-you — but for me, their designs are kind of endgame. I mean, criticize all you want, there's no other brand that can quite take your breath away the way a really well-deployed Elie Saab design will (cases in point: Elizabeth Banks at the world premiere of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 and Lily Collins at the Rome Film Festival). And following that line of logic, it would make sense that they could throw a mean party — Thursday night marked Elie Saab's private dinner in LA, and boy did it look fab.

Among the attendees were big names like Emily Blunt, Lily Collins, and Hailee Steinfeld — all, of course, dressed in Elie Saab (Blunt and Collins looked especially gorgeous in black rompers). And the party itself was just plain gorgeous: It was held outdoors in a giant tent (the luxurious kind, of course), lush hydrangeas made up the centerpieces, and most of the light came from chandeliers and candles. It was, in a nutshell, the party version of one of their dresses — pretty, shimmery, and classic as all heck. I mean, take a look:

Gorgeous, right? And check out the ceiling...

... and the mega-watt stars:

Looked like a lot of fun, didn't it?

Images: Instagram