Jennifer Kills It In Dior Ad Campaign

This is officially the season of Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence's latest Dior ad campaign has been released, and she absolutely kills it. But really, what else is new?

The Hunger Games actress posed in skirts and dresses, with her hair pulled back in an undone bun and a pretty fierce front-on stare for Christian Dior's Spring/Summer 2015 campaign. One photograph has her gingerly holding a stunning turquoise blue, leather Dior bag that she looks as though she was born to carry, but my favorite accessory has got to be the choker. J-Law posed in a black dress with a white lace choker, conjuring up all the romanticism of the Victorian Era without any of the constraints. And now I want one. Bad.

Dior is typically better known for it's soft femininity, so Jennifer's strong, captivating presence in these ads is a breath of fresh air, and an exciting direction for the brand to go. Lawrence's wispy fly-away hairs and subdued make-up are the perfect juxtaposition to the polished clothing, and she oozes attitude and sensuality, while still managing to retain that polish and grace that encapsulates the Dior name. But that's to be expected from Hollywood's favorite young star. Jennifer can do no wrong.

Images: Getty Images; JenPerfectLaw/Twitter, j_lawperfection/Twitter, NylonMag/Twitter