We Love This New Kate Spade Ad With Anna Kendrick

I was never really sure how I felt about New York until I watched Kate Spade’s latest holiday commercial, featuring the effortlessly cool and amazing Anna Kendrick and her festively decorate brownstone. Yup, sometimes all it takes is a bourgie video clip for one to fall in love with NYC, and this one was IT. “The Waiting Game” depicts Kendrick as an over-the-top fashionista coming home from an epic shopping haul. She’s carrying shiny bags, her dog, a sparkly Christmas tree, and obviously her Kate Spade purse—and that is where her troubles began. See, Kendrick switched bags and forgot her keys! OOPS. So now, girl is locked out of her apartment while she waits for a locksmith to come help her out.

But JUST BECAUSE you’re stuck outside in the cold, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. Kendrick, who essentially bought all of Bloomingdales, pops open a bottle of Champagne, calls up all her friends to chat and philosophize about the significance of fish emojis, and tries on all her new clothes for her pooch. Despite being locked out, our collective BFF Anna is still fabulous. So fabulous, even fashion icon and pretend neighbor Iris Apfel tells her, “You look gorgeous, darling.” Yes, you do, Anna Kendrick!

If you weren't excited about the holiday season, you probably are now, right??

Image: YouTube