Coco Rocha Wants You to Stop Saying "Real Woman"

She's been historically vocal about how the term "Plus size" model needs to be retired indefinitely, and now Coco Rocha has weighed in on the Myla Delbasio CK controversy. In a nutshell, her opinion is this: labelling bodies in any form is problematic, and people need stop using the term "real woman" because all bodies are real, for Pete's sake.

On Thursday, the supermodel spoke with Huffington Post at an Autograph Collection Hotels event in New York. Responding to a question about the hubbub surrounding Myla Delbasio, the "plus sized" model and star of Calvin Klein's most recent campaign who people believed didn't look too much like a plus-sized model, Rocha said:

"I didn't really hear about the Calvin Klein thing ... but I have spoken out on the whole subject of plus-size models -- I don't even like a title: petite, short, high fashion, runway. It should all just be in one genre, it's just a model. Even when they say 'real women.' I hate that too. We're all real. When someone tells me that I'm not real, I say to them, 'Well, what about me isn't real?' I have not changed my figure. This is who I am. My mom [has this body], this is genetics. So for anyone to be called plus-size, petite or 'not real,' it just frustrates me."

Exactly! Yes! 10 points for Gryffindor!

Rocha's point is entirely on the mark. Whether labels are used to qualify where a model fits within the fashion market (petite, high-fashion, runway, plus-sized) or decrying an arbitrary beauty standard ("real woman"), making value judgments on any type of body is damaging to everyone. Shaming or pejoratively labelling bodies in any form just indicates we should all believe we aren't good enough in one way or another.

I think we can all agree on one thing. When people use the language of arbitrary beauty standards to define people, nobody wins.