Monster Choupette Has Her Own Cartoon

What do you get the cat who has everything? A video of herself in animation! Karl Lagerfeld created a Choupette cartoon to advertise his new collection of Monster Choupette accessories and it's glorious.

The 38 second video perfectly encapsulates the, um, whimsically terrifying vibe of the Choupette line, which features bags, wallets, scarves, key fobs, and more that depict a growling illustrated version of the cat (who is actually pretty cute IRL). In the cartoon, Choupette falls asleep in a gorgeous apartment with a view of Paris, only to transform into Monster Choupette — a vicious creature who snarls and scratches in the direction of the viewer. She calms down only when a gloved hand (Lagerfeld's, naturally) descends into the frame and begins scratching her head.

The cartoon video gives personality to the feline and shows her wild side,” Amanda Rue of Carrot Creative told Luxury Daily. "The likeness of Choupette’s image in the cartoon is reflective in the line of accessories. The video provides context and tells a story that leads directly into the new accessory collection.” Monster Choupette's cartoon was released via social media to drum up interest in the capsule collection, which is now available in Karl Lagerfeld stores.

I wonder what Choupette — or, rather, Choupette's cat interpreter — would have to say about this!

Image: Karl Lagerfeld