Your House Can Now Look Like A Kate Spade Store

Kate Spade has been killing it this holiday season. This weekend, they launched a hilarious commercial starring a shopaholic Anna Kendrick trying on clothes and popping a bottle of Champange after locking herself out of her apartment. They also teamed up with Gap Kids to launch an adorable collaboration that made me wish I could be a kid again. Well—they’re not stopping anytime soon — Kate Spade just released their first line of wall prints.

Now, your walls get the chance to live colorfully! The brand just released a line of prints inspired by the store and its handbags. The Salon Wall Collection includes The Great Gatsby, a bouquet of peonies, and its signature exclamation point for $38 a piece. Putting these on my Christmas list right away.

If anyone knows how to decorate a gallery wall, it’s Kate Spade. When I was in New York City this summer, I had the chance to visit their flagship 789 Madison Avenue store. Let me tell you, it’s fabulous. With pink couches and fun pillows, it’s exactly what a Kate Spade store should look like. The brand has mastered the art (LOL, puns) of a gallery wall, so it’s exciting that fans of the store can now create a look of their own.

Here are some of the highlights from the collection:

Images: Getty Images; Kate Spade (4)