Miley Bares in Terry's Golden Lady Tights Campaign

She's just bein' Miley, guys. In a new ad campaign for Italian hosiery brand Golden Lady, Miley Cyrus gets sensual with automobiles, tears apart a teddy bear, and basically just struts around in tights for half a minute. Oh, and she bares her breasts for a fraction of a second. To be honest, this in no way surprises me, especially considering the spot for the Rock Your Legs campaign was filmed by shock-value expert/celebrity photographer Terry Richardson, who's worked with Miley quite a bit, including directing her video for "Wrecking Ball."

The video is set to Miley's song #GetItRight, which would probably be my number one choice of anthem to dance around in tights to. (No shame. I really did like her last album.) And I have to say, this campaign kind of makes me want to get down in some hosiery. I've always felt like tights are one of those articles of clothing that feel really weird to have on alone, like socks. But my opinion might have officially been changed. Love her or hate her, you have to admire Miley's confidence. I may channel that when I'm getting ready for my next tights-appropriate outing.

One thing I'm a little confused about: I thought she liked teddy bears, and here she is, all sexual-like with one and all crazy with another. I can't keep up.