Kim Kardashian Entered Sacred Territory, Literally

Kim Kardashian has officially stepped foot on sacred ground, and I'm not talking figuratively here (although, to be fair, displaying your bare butt on the cover of a magazine kind of qualifies as sacred ground.) According to The Mail Online, the good folks over at Vogue Australia had to secure special permission from an Aboriginal community to shoot a high-fashion editorial for the glossy. My first thought: you know you're important whennn...

The shoot took place on Hole In The Wall beach in Jervis Bay, which is considered Aboriginal territory. My second thought: could they not have found another beach in Australia to shoot this thing on? A quick Google Images search gave me my answer: nope. This place is gorgeous. Any chance you think I could secure the rights to it as a honeymooning spot in, say, 15 years?

Vogue Australia apparently paid for a permit to use the land, although the exact amount remains undisclosed. Kim K. (Er, K.W.) and company also had to obey the laws of the area — according to sources, her crew was totally respectful of the land. The magazine also promised to promote the areas and its values in the article, according to the Mail Online.

I'll be keeping my eye out for this editorial, mostly because ohmygosh, this location...

Images: Instagram/@hansyc, @kardashiankupcake