What's the Sweetest Part of Solange's Wedding?

by May Sofi

By now, your Instagram and Twitter feeds have surely been flooded by images and tidbits from Solange's oh-so-chic wedding. Yes, the bride's look was flawless and unique, all the way from that cool white suit to the untraditional do. What you didn't know however, is that sister Beyoncé actually helped Solange with her wedding day hair — cue the choir "AWWW's".

While the media has taken a negative spin on the sisters' relationship in the past, insinuating a sibling rivalry induced by jealousy, this news proves to all that there is actually a loving sisterly bond between Beyoncé and little sis Solange. Solange posted a recent photo on her Instagram captioned, "Dreaming of these flowers my sister put in my hair at dinner," and it's all the proof needed to silence the haters. The photo is so sweet it's practically a tearjerker. Glad to see Solange embracing her superstar sister and relishing in the joy of her own day. I guess weddings really do bring people together. And how refreshing is it to see some sisterly love in Hollywood? Hopefully their public display of affection will set precedent for more to come.