Want Denim Wayfarers? Ray-Ban's Got You Covered

Just when you thought Wayfarers couldn't get any cooler, Ray-Ban went and gave them a totally chic (and totally unexpected) makeover! Nitrolicious is reporting that Ray-Ban has released a denim Wayfarer collection in time for the holidays. Yes, denim. Don't worry — they are so much chicer than they sound. This is exactly what you need to give your sunglasses collection a much-needed upgrade.

The denim Wayfarers are similar in shape and style to the classic Wayfarers you already know and love, only they're coated in the same material you love to wear on your legs. According to Nitrolicious, the sunnies are "made from a patent frame construction using four to five layers of real denim fabric. The ultra resistant denim and durable thread are carefully stacked on one another with polypropylene and melded at extremely high temperatures." But all you really need to know is that they are cute as heck and cost $199.95 at

Of course, not everyone is down with the Levi's inspired eyewear. Ashley Hoffman of Styleite noted that "[t]he sunglasses come in jeans, jeans black, jeans orange, jeans green, jeans violet and jeans azure, and the douchebag factor is high for all of them." Perhaps she has a point. After all, I can definitely picture some tool-y dudebros sporting these at frat parties across America. But just because dudebros embrace something doesn't mean the rest of us need to hate it, right? RIGHT???

Maybe I'm suffering from a lapse in judgement here, but I stand by my opinion. The denim Wayfarers are funky and interesting enough to be considered cool.

Images: Ray-Ban