Will Cuff Be A Wearable Tech Game Changer?

Wearable tech is gaining traction incredibly quickly, and it seems like every new product on the market is changing the game. But Cuff, the winner of the startup competition at Decoded Fashion's New York Summit, seems like it's on the verge of creating a bigger wave than most. It's about being functional, chic, and above all, safe.

So, what's different about Cuff? What sold the judges was its security alert feature. The wearer sets up a network of people and has them download the Cuff app, which is connected to their device. If an emergency occurs, the wearer simply presses the button on the device and the "first responders" they selected are notified. Those people can then open the app to see the wearer's pinpointed location and — get this — hear audio of what's going on at the scene so they can keep track of the situation. I'd order this device for that feature alone — when you're walking at night in a college town, things can get sketchy quickly. With the prevalence of on-campus assault, I'd definitely feel a lot safer with this device on me.

In addition to its functionality from a safety standpoint, I also love that Cuff mitigates my commitment issues (at least, the shopping-related ones.) Unlike most wearable tech, Cuff itself is a small device that goes inside the line of jewelry, meaning you can move it from piece to piece. The problem I have with so much wearable tech is that I can't commit to wearing the same jewelry every day (at least, not a statement piece.) Cuff solves this problem.

Cuff also vibrates to let you know when someone important calls or texts you, so you don't have to keep your phone out when you're waiting to hear from someone. It also vibrates rapidly when you get too far from your phone, so you'll know if you leave it behind. It tracks your steps and activity and allows you to enter your calories, too.

Basically, Cuff is the jewelry you never knew you needed. A limited quantity is available for preordering, and you can expect your device in March 2015.

Image: Courtesy of Cuff