Robin Designed PJs For Your Netflix-Watching Needs

Netflix and loungewear go together like peanut butter and jelly. After all, who wants to be wearing skinny jeans when camped out in front of the television for unlimited hours? No one, that's who. Luckily, the star of one of our most binge-watchable Netflix originals has got you covered — Robin Wright designed super luxe pajamas that are perfect for you to wear while you catch up on House of Cards.

As if Wright wasn't already The Best (she plays both Princess Buttercup and Claire Underwood), she went and created Pour les Femmes with designer and friend Karen Fowler. It's an incredibly chic line of cozy pajama sets and nighties all priced at a luxurious but affordable $169 (currently available for $75 at Tilt). The collection features a cozy two-piece set and a short and long nightie. Even better? WhoWhatWear reports that "100 percent of profits benefit women in the Congo who are victims of violence." Comfort for a cause!

"Karen and I wanted to create a line of pajamas that was both practical and sexy, something that we really enjoyed sleeping in ourselves," the actress told WhoWhatWear. "We searched for the lightest weight and softest cotton we could find that was both comfortable and breathable. We created our own print; we wanted something that was feminine, soft, and beautiful." Sounds a lot more sophisticated than the old Sarah Lawrence College t-shirts and cat pants that I normally wear to bed.

Wright hasn't mentioned the binge-ability of her television show as inspiration for the collection of sleepwear, but I think it goes without saying. I mean, what be a better apparel choice for a House of Cards marathon than a Claire-approved nightgown?

Image: Pour les Femmes