Is This the Next Big Brow Trend?

I don't give my eyebrows much thought unless I'm tweezing some errant hairs, but perhaps it's time to change that. Brows are arguably 2014's hottest accessory, thanks in part to Cara Delevingne, and I don't think that will be stopping anytime soon. From colored brows to eyebrow rings, the hair above our eyes was a huge focal point on the Spring 2015 runways. Now crystal-studded brows are a thing for the holidays, thanks to a partnership between Nylon magazine, Benefit cosmetics, and Swarovski.

Benefit has teamed up with the storied crystal purveyor for Benefit Bling Brow, which is exactly what it sounds like — Swarovski crystals designed to spruce up those boring old face hairs. The $25 boxes of crystals will be available from November 21 through January 2015 at all Benefit Brow Bars and boutiques, should you be interested in jeweling up those brows in order to freak out your conservative grandparents at Christmas dinner.

So, jeweled brows — hot or not? Model Audrey Kitching tried out the look in a video produced by Nylon TV, and while it might work for a glam photo shoot, I'm not sure how it will translate IRL. Actually, I'm pretty sure that it will translate weirdly, especially if you place the crystals in your brows instead of just in a neat line beneath them (both looks are demonstrated in the vid, which I've embedded below).

However, in an effort to keep my holiday outfits both family and giant-meal friendly, I tend to go the boring route on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Swarovski crystal brows could be a fun way to funk-ify my look without too much effort. If I do give jeweled eyebrows a shot this Christmas, I'll be sure to let you know how it goes over.

Image: Nylon TV/youtube