Lammily Has Tattoos And Cellulite Now

If you're on the Internet and/or human, then you've probably already seen media attention surrounding the new Barbie-esque doll floating around. Except, here's the thing: It's not Barbie at all, but a new, more realistic alternative to Barbie and other similar dolls. The name of the doll? Lammily. (Oh, and surprise: Kids really, really like her.) With proportional, average body parts and an overall look that might remind you of your friend or sister (well, if your friend or sister is white at least), Lammily is a different kind of doll, complete with different types of accessories. Want to make your Lammily look more like you? No problem. Lammily makers are selling stickers that can add acne, tattoos, cellulite, and other "normal" girl features.

The stickers cost $5.99 to order on the Lammily website, and are designed in a way that allows girls to accessorize the doll so it reflects how they view themselves. The stickers, along with the dolls themselves, were officially released for purchase as of November 19. Nickolay Lam, creator of Lammily (the weird name should make more sense now), said he thinks the doll is more relatable to kids because simply put, "she isn't perfect."

Lammily stickers, called "Lammily Marks," range from mosquito bites to stitches to freckles and glasses and can be repositioned and reapplied based on how you want to style your doll. Sound a little strange to you? Check out the stickers and judge for yourself.

Slightly strange? Maybe a little. But does it make more sense than giving dolls in crazy makeup, high heels and tight dresses to 10 year olds? Definitely.