More Breaking Kylie Jenner Lip News Updates...

Kylie Jenner's lips get more media attention than even some minor celebrities. Why? Well in a few points: they're gorgeous, on Instagram a lot and connected to the Kardashian family. And then there's the whole, "Are they real, or are they not?" debate. While Kim K defended her sister—you know, in between breaking the Internet with that little-known magazine cover — others insist that Jenner's lips are far from real. But hey, the power of a good lip liner technique, am I right? So what do Jenner's lips look like without anything? Well, thanks to her not-so-hot driving habits, we now have the answer. Kylie Jenner was pulled over without makeup, and she looked...well, normal.

It's not that Jenner's lips didn't look good, but they certainly looked pretty average, in a, "Whoa, this isn't how they look on Instagram," kind of way. This means that Jenner probably hasn't had any work done, and Kim Kardashian knows what she's talking about when it comes to Kylie's makeup skills. And speaking of those makeup skills — I am seriously impressed. I mean, in the photos from her recent traffic stop (for making an illegal u-turn, by the way), her lips don't look that different than, say, my own... and I'm certainly no Kardashian.

So, for me, these pictures are pretty exciting. Because all those awesome Kylie Jenner lip liner tutorials? Well, this means that they actually work.