Wondering How To Stop Static Hair? These 5 Root Boosters And Texturizers Combat Flat, Staticky Hair During Winter Doldrums

I have straight, shiny hair that is prone to flatness and super annoying static in cold weather, especially when I add any knit accessories. It's a... special combination to having your locks fall flat and stand on end at the same time. Static electricity hair sucks, but you can combat it with products. Sure, there's the old dryer sheet trick, but that leaves you smelling like laundry (is that a bad thing? I dunno).

In order to tame those pesky flyaways while adding much-needed volume at the roots and crown, these root lifters and texturizers give my hair a critical boost during the season.

Image: Amy/Flickr

Moroccanoil Root Boost

Best For: All hair types.

What It Does: This spritz, available at salons and supply stores, does not discriminate and works wonders for flat, fine hair, amping up texture and volume. It also lifts crestfallen, uncooperative roots and adds extra body to coarse and curly locks.

How To Use: I spritzed on my wet roots and crown, and added a little to the ends, and then blew my hair dry, lifting it away from the head to get headband-wearing, ’60s volume. I experienced none of the pesky flyaways or static. Woot woot!

Image: Moroccanoil

Living Proof Full Root Lifting Hairspray

Best For: Fine to medium straight hair.

What It Does: Volume! Volume! Volume!

How To Use: I blasted my wet hair with five generous pumps of this miracle mist, sold at Sephora and Ultra. Then I blew it dry with a small barrel round brush for added volume and root lift that actually lasted. Score!

Image: Living Proof

L'Oreal Boost It High Lift Creation Spray

Best For: Fine to medium hair.

What It Does: I love the back-combed-at-the-crown look and if you blast two generous pumps of this on your roots after your blowdry and use fingers to muss it up, you will get instant height and fullness. Not Kacey-Musgraves-at-the-CMAS big hair, but big enough.

How To Use It: I judiciously coated my roots and crown with this after a blowdry and a flat iron session when the air was dry. I also blasted a little in my hand and ran it over my finished style, which helped to stave off electrostatic shocks. Best part? You can grab this at any drugstore.

Image: L’Oreal

Matrix Biolage VolumeBloom

Best For: When you want intentional bedhead.

What It Does: On the very rare day that I want some messy texture, I load my wet locks up with this stuff and blowdry with my fingers instead of a brush to get bedhead-y, “second day” hair without having to forego the wash. My friend, who is thicker, coarser, and curlier, uses it on no-wash days to stop greasy flatness.

How To Use: See above — it’s so versatile. You can score it available online and at most beauty stores.

Image: Biolage

Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two-Day Extender

Best For: All textures are welcome, but it’s especially good for fine or glossy hair.

What It Does: OK, so it’s technically a dry shampoo, available at most drugstores, and extends a blowout. For whatever reason, however, it has been a lifesaver on those days where the air and the knit fabrics of my hats and scarves have my hair standing on end. It really helped me combat flyaways while absorbing extra oil.

How To Use: I sprayed it on roots and raked through to the ends. It’s also great for midday touchups and refreshers.

Image: Redken