These Unretouched Pictures of Madonna Are Shocking

Madonna is known as an iconic superwoman whose beauty truly stands the test of time. At 56 years old, she looks better than most girls in their 20s, both in her killer physique (including a ripped six pack and super toned arms) and in her flawless, porcelain-like skin. The woman just doesn't seem age. However, unretouched photos of Madonna from a 2010 Interview photo shoot surfaced on Thursday, and the Photoshop difference is quite shocking, making us question this very notion.

In my eyes, Madonna is and always will be one of the most beautiful women on earth, at any age. But as the years go by and she gets older, she's GOT to have at least a few wrinkles or skin imperfections, right? I think we all know that. That's why the Photoshop job on this 2010 shoot is a bit extreme, IMO. The images have been edited to the point of concealing every single discoloring, wrinkle, vein, or imperfection on her face, making it look like her skin is literally a blank canvas. They even enhanced her cheekbones to look more sharp and defined — so unnecessary. Extreme editing makes it a bit embarrassing and real awkward when the unretouched images come out, which seems to happen more often than not. It's totally normal and natural to look your age, which should be celebrated, not changed.

Well, there goes any slight hope I had for ever looking as good as Madonna when I grow up. She's stunning, even with her (basically nonexistent) wrinkles.

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