VS Has A New Chat App

You might consider retiring your Snapchat and Kiik for a while, because there's a new messaging app out — and it combines chatting with shopping. Victoria's Secret launched a mobile messaging app within it's shopping app, Pink, making it the first marketer to use the chatting feature instead of targeting customers on Snapchat, Line, or Kiik. But before you get too excited, the app pre-determines your conversational topics, so not everything goes with this one.

The chatting feature comes from a mobile app called Frankly within the Pink app, and after opening it, users can talk about pre-selected topics like holiday gifts and school. You know. All those really important things on the forefront of our minds. The chats are also aesthetically customizable (though you have to stay within the signature color family), and you can change the look with different shades of pink and emojis.

But the most marketable reason to download the app is that starting Dec. 9, it will send out exclusive content from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in London, so you can get all the behind-the-scenes deets buzzed to your fingertips before it hits the net. That part is pretty cool, though it only lasts a day, but I'm not too sure about the whole pre-determined topics thing. I don't really chat about holiday gifts all that often, and I think I'd rather spend my study breaks eating than chatting on the Pink app. But I mean, if they add a One Direction topic, you just might see me on there.

Images: Getty Images; Adweek/Twitter