Rihanna's Getting Big Money to Wear This Brand

You're about to be so jealous of Rihanna (that is, if you weren't already). The pop star is about to receive some big bucks to do the easiest job ever — wear clothes. OK, and design them. Rumor has it that Rihanna might collaborate with Puma on a collection. The only catch? She can't wear rival brands like Adidas.

According to the Daily News, RiRi is close to signing off on a $1 million deal with the athletic brand that will involve designing a line of sportswear and sneakers and working Puma gear into her wardrobe. That shouldn't be too difficult given that athletic street wear is kind of Rihanna's jam. "She will have to slowly start to incorporate Puma into her wardrobe,” source told Daily News, “She will be wearing all Puma gear in shoots and out and about.”

Sounds like a pretty intense stipulation, but it's a small price to pay for such a big financial return. I would literally wear dresses made of garbage bags every day for a year if Glad wanted to pay me $1 million dollars to do so (hey Glad, call me! *winks*). At this point, Rihanna could wear Puma sneakers as hats and we'd still be putting her on Best Dressed lists, so I don't feel she has much to lose by signing off and cashing in.

Puma would *not* approve.

Rihanna is no stranger to the collaboration rodeo, have previously lent her name to a collection for River Island and two lines for MAC cosmetics. Given her penchant for sporting stylish kicks, Puma seems like a pretty natural choice (although not as natural as her beloved Adidas).