New "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" Is The Best Yet

Oh, joyous day! The newest installment of Jimmy Kimmel's Celebrities Read Mean Tweets is here, and it is most excellent! I had to restart the clip because the first celeb featured is my beloved Gwyneth Paltrow and I squealed so loudly as to have obscured her reading. If you are a Paltrow anti-fan (and I know y'all are legion), hopefully this will serve as a reminder that the broad can take your criticism, and—in the immortal words of Taylor Swift—shake it off. The verdict is still out as to wether or not she is currently getting down to this. sick. beat. Additionally, Lena Dunham's mean tweet made me LOL, which is not a thing that occurs often. Normally I just say, "lol", don't actually laugh at all, eat an Oreo, and go about my business.

This may be almost impossible to believe, but I have been on the receiving end of some pretty hilariously mean tweets. It's true! Once I got into a fight with a cosmetic company when I said that one of their products was useless. They proceeded to tell me that I, in fact, was the one who was useless. When a mascara company is yelling at you in a public forum, that's how you know you've really arrived.

The tweets I've received haven't been as mean as some of the comments on articles I've written (but I mean, they are comments on internet articles; What do you expect, really?) or even the emails that find their way to my inbox courtesy of some exceptionally diligent trolls. Once, someone was all, "This girl always flares her nostrils in her pics," and I was all, "LOL, sadly, this is not true. That is just what my nostrils do." This was almost kind when we consider my favorite reader-thrashing, which was just one line: "F**K YOU BECCA" in all caps, highlighted in red (in case I missed their central thesis, I guess?). Haters gonna hate.

Image: YouTube