Alexa Chung Goes Gamine

Wait, hold up. Did you know that Alexa Chung has her own nail polish collection? I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise — after all, she already has her own book, an upcoming collection with Adriano Goldschmied, an (adorable) collaboration with British beauty brand Eyeko (she is the acknowledged queen of the liquid liner cat eye, after all), and that supremely covet-worthy capsule collection with Madewell she co-designed a couple years back. Last month, she was announced as the face of the brand, and it's proved to be a fruitful partnership so far.

As such, her gift set with Nails, Inc is here just in time for the holidays — it features five of her favorite shades, and it launched Thursday night (did you know that there's also a kale-based nail treatment as part of her collection? It's rather wittily named "NailKale"). All the colors are as innovatively gorgeous as you'd expect, and Chung dressed in a correspondingly on point outfit: She wore just about the most adorable separates, ever.

With her hair in tightly-woven pigtails (sharply stylish, as opposed to girlish in this instance), she wore a beautifully-embroidered Vilshenko jacket paired with the most pitch-perfect culottes I've ever seen. She finished the look off with classic point-toe pumps and her signature statement lip:

Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's one of her best looks ever, IMHO!

Images: Getty Images